When, it comes to technology development. You need a leader.
One which, you can rely on and turn to. Welcome, home.

When it comes to an idea, especially, when your ideas are stuck in neutral. You can turn, to us, to help you develop and deploy your technology.
We will help you; set up and walk through a step by step process. Bringing your ideas and technology to life.

On the other hand, BLURR Productions, is also working to create and develop new ideas. We are always thinking, to create, new ideas
and develop your technology for every major industry. In addition; we produce: the branding, marketing strategy and final product information.


Investing, in new ideas’; create a opportunity to change the world.
Become; an investor, in the future.

Ideas are always in development. Options below: are for you; to become an investor, in the future of our ideas. Read below: on how,
we can bring, new technology to the world.

Our investment platform is a: one of kind, unique experience, that you can only explore and discover here with BLURR Productions. Our technique: brings to you, one of a kind, technology experience’s from our team here at BLURR Productions. The ideas, that we bring to the table; whether, it be our own or developing an idea of yours’, can, have many obstacles. However, BLURR Productions is here to help you, understand and deliver, with a full band spectrum of wealth and knowledge. Our team’s products, become, your solutions for your clients’ or vendors’ around the world to rely on.


Below: are the current investment opportunities that are available.

Please see below: review the “Patent Program”. To find out more, make a donation. Sign and send back the NDA with BLURR Productions.
Finally, find out about the investment opportunities available.

Investment opportunities overview:
• “Patent Program”: help current technology achieve the patents for development.
• Current idea’s: currently ready to be developed and are needing investment from the “Patent Program” (Patent Pending Program).
• Please be aware: “Patent Program” is not an investment opportunity itself. However, it gets you in the door, to find out about the investments; before, anyone else does in the market place.
• Please be aware: This includes, television shows and movie development. Also includes, entertainment networks
and new computerized technology.


Assist, the patent process.

Donations to the “Patent Program”, allow you: a front row view and option to be apart of each new idea. Your donation: you will receive an investment brochure; with the current idea, to patent. Once, this process is finished; we will send you the latest idea’s. Then feedback of the
testing development stage for R&D of that technology to head to production.

Receiving your brochure: find out how to invest further with a potential ROI of each investment. How contributions, made through your donation, aids, to bring the idea to life. This program: helps to get the investment idea’s, through, the patent process, into R&D and finalization. Watch, as we change the world together.

Current program idea overview:
• Currently: ideas’ are ready, that, need patents to be processed. These ideas’, range from multi-media shows and events to hand held devices.
• Receive: the brochure; you have to fill out the “None Disclosure Agreement”(NDA) completely. Include: two forms of ID.
A current digital copy of your driver’s license, credit card or passport.
• Receive: the “None Disclosure Agreement”(NDA) and make a donation. Please, fill out the form below and submit your donation.
• In advanced: “Thank You”, for being a part of this revolutionary method to bring new ideas’ to life.
• Initial donation: amounts will also include an option for an ROI return, as stated above. This ROI return, will reflect on your, investment
after you invest.


Call before selecting a donation option. Below, you have the choice of the following donation amounts. You may, choose to donate more then once.
However, the initial ROI percentage is applied to the overall donation amount. Further details: will be included in the brochure. All donations
are non-refundable.







ROI choices for donation